Hill guardian stands tall at Marquette Mountain

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MARQUETTE, Mich., (WJMN) – Artist, Bill Secunda, installed a robot sculpture at Marquette Mountain during the last week of October.

The sculpture, deemed the hill guardian in an instagram post by Marquette Mountain, stands 28 feet tall and weighs in at around 10,000 pounds.

Secunda says he took three trips from Butler, Pennsylvania to deliver the sculpture.

“His feet are three thousand pounds a peice,” said Secunda. “So I had to make three trips to get the whole thing up here, you know, so it was fun.”

The robot sculpture is made of old railcar parts. Secunda says he worked on it for a couple years as a fun project for himself.

“The robot was actually probably a hundred-year-old railroad car if you look at the top of the head and the chest and the shoulders that’s where someone would crawl into the railroad car tanker you know to maintain it,” said Secunda. “It was all riveted pieces of steel I got from the city so it has a lot of old parts in there that are kind of cool.”

Secunda got his start welding train cars at Pullman Standard, then he started making things for fun.

“I started making things just for fun over the years and then it turned into a full-time 25 year-long project,” said Secunda.

To install it they used a telehandler. Secunda says he uses a crane to assemble the pieces at his studio.

“He had a telehandler on site I have a crane here at my studio,” said Secunda. “So I can lift as high as 60 feet but you know I haven’t built anything that big yet.”

He added a little girl robot on the shoulder of the robot before bringing it to Marquette. Secunda says Eric Jorgenson Marquette Mountain’s owner thought the girl would make the robot less scary for kids. The robot’s eye lights up and should be wired in soon according to Secunda.

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