GWINN, Mich. (WJMN) – Let’s Grow KI held a meeting on Wednesday night to plan their community garden.

Let’s Grow KI is a non-profit that works towards building a more sustainable community. Marquette County granted land access in the location of Scorpion and Tarzon between Trout Lake and Ballfields to Let’s Grow KI to build a community garden.

They held an interest meeting tonight to plan who can help out with the garden. They expect the garden will help with food scarcity in the community.

“Right now we are worried about food scarcity,” said Mallory Gray, a communications committee member of Let’s Grow KI. “It’s very common in the area, especially in KI, and we are looking to in turn to help basically diminish that by feeding families that need any types of vegetables or fruits that can get growing in this garden. We’re also trying to get a learning opportunity to families in the area so that they in turn can grow their own vegetables and just have a more safe place at home.”

Along with the community garden, the non-profit is planning to hold workshops to teach members of their community how to grow plants at home.

If you are interested in helping build the garden or get involved, you can find their Facebook page here. You can contact them through the Facebook page or through their email,