NEGAUNEE, Mich. (WJMN) – A new program for elementary aged kids and the adults in their lives has begun at the Negaunee Public Library.

Wednesday night was the second meeting for the Caregiver/Child Book Club. It’s an ongoing program for kids ages 5-10 to bring their favorite caring adult, that can be a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, or even a babysitter, to the library each month to discuss a book with other kids and adults.

Wednesday night, library director Jessica Holman guided the group with questions about “The Princess in Black” by Shannon Hale. Complete with a coloring page and a snack, a new book is discussed on the first Wednesday of each month. Holman says this program is a great way to get children to think about what they’re reading more critically, and can also be a good social outlet.

“It’s important for kids to be able to see their adults reading…so this is another great way to get parents or grandparents or whomever involved in the reading process as well,” says Holman. It’s a way to be engaged with the library and with your child, and this way you get to meet other parents or grandparents or caregivers, and your kids get to meet each other too! So, who knows, maybe there will be some playdates that come out of this as well.”

Eyre Becker says reading books has already benefitted her children with active imaginations and incredible vocabularies, and now, with the help of the book club, has brought her children closer to their grandmother.

“My entire family is avid readers. So, to be able to involve my mom has been just a really wonderful gift. They’ve been able to spend time reading together and reviewing,” said Becker.

The book club’s next meeting is on Wednesday, December 6 at 5:30 p.m. at the Negaunee Public Library. They will be discussing “Bo’s Magical New Friend” by Rebecca Elliott, before picking a new book to read before the next month’s meeting. More information can be found on the Negaunee Public Library’s Facebook page.