MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – With a unanimous pass at the Marquette City Commission meeting on Tuesday, the City’s operating millage will increase an additional 2.6731 mills and is something that will affect all property tax owners in Marquette City limits. The City says this increase will allow the city to have a balanced budget and will allow the city to continue to provide the current level of city-provided services.

“One of the first questions that we all get is well what kind of cuts have you made,” Sally Davis, Marquette City Commissioner said. “We have cut a lot of things and we haven’t bought a lot of things that we feel that we need to buy. We really are down to more of the drastic measures that we need to take at this point.”

Marquette City Manager Karen Kovacs says she and the other commissioners have looked at all possible ways to not raise the operating millage over the past year but this was their only option. Many members of the public chose to express their feelings towards this increase at the meeting.

“My one last challenge to the commison is I want each and every one of you to give up your salary for the next year in payment for getting us into this mess,” Margaret Brumm, a Marquette resident said. “I made that offer once when I ran for office in 2018 and I’m throwing it out there again. I want your payments.”

“Current residents are unable to find affordable housing as it is and by further increasing property tax landlords will raise costs yet again, making living in Marquette unobtainable,” Natalie Kretlow, a Marquette resident said.

“The average income of residents in this city is about $46,000,” Cheryl Feldman, a Marquette City resident said. “Yes, we have to do something to deal with these issues, I’m not arguing that, but when I look at the amount of money that might be levied against people, for some this is going to be very difficult.”

The increase will take effect July 1 and will be incorporated into your summer tax bill.

You can watch the full meeting below via the City of Marquette: