Marquette County Health Department addresses questions related to rising cases

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – The Marquette County Health Department released details on Friday addressing questions related to the recent spike in cases.

According to the release, the following may have contributed to a rapid increase in rates of COVID-19 within Marquette County

  • Gatherings and travel associated with Labor Day
  • Increased tourism in the area as a result of restrictions elsewhere and successful travel related advertising campaigns
  • Increased social activity of citizens due to loosening restrictions and pandemic fatigue
  • Return to school and workplace environments
  • A recent prison related COVID-19 outbreak which transmitted to employees who live within the community
  • Reduced diligence in adhering to COVID-19 mitigation strategies due to pandemic fatigue, complacency and politicization of the epidemic response

The MCHD noted these trends in COVID-19 case rates may be expected during a pandemic unless measures are taken to mitigate transmission of the virus.

MCHD went on toe say that early in the pandemic the low count of cases were primarily introduced from outside of the U.P. region. The release goes on to cite recent increases in communities that border Wisconsin, fall tourism, and social activity, cases are being transmitted within communities and not only isolated instances.

The health department urged people to continue adhering to social distancing, wearing masks, and follow hygenic practices

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