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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – Marquette Fringe banded together in May of 2020 with hopes of hosting an in-person arts event, for now, they’ll be hosting a free virtual event on April 10, 2021.

Fringe festivals are a way for artists to gather and express themselves in small-scale events and are typically non-traditional in style or subject matter. Glimpses from Elsewhere will be a variety show for any type of performing art that people would like to showcase. Michael Bradford, president of Marquette Fringe, says they started planning right before the pandemic started.

“So originally we wanted to have a regular fringe festival scattered across all of downtown Marquette,” said Bradford. “Sadly with the pandemic we had to pivot so we had the idea then of having an event called Glimpses from Elsewhere.”

The virtual event will be streamed on Marquette Fringe’s social media accounts in April. Proposals for the show are due by March 10.

“Basically the whole idea and what they’re asking for is for creatives from any walk of life to at the safety of their own home create a video or little vignette to share with us and these are vignettes or videos from different places in time, space and like different dimensions,” said Bradford. “Nothing in our current reality because I think everybody would like a little taste of something from elsewhere.”

Bradford says they’ve already had many people approach them with ideas for Glimpses from Elsewhere.

“Both in our own organization and from all over the community and the U.P. really interesting ideas, it’s got me and all of us very excited of what we’re going to see cause I think the most exciting thing is we have no idea, we wanted this to be as vague as possible so all kinds of ideas can come to us and so we have such a diverse offering for our first event,” said Bradford.

Marquette Fringe decided to put on the event because of the artistic community in Marquette. Bradford says 12 people came together to try to make it happen.

“It was all pretty organic just a few of us had an idea of wanting to put together a kind of accessible platform for this incredibly artistic community to kind of you know have more access and really put forward an event that kind of tested the realms of you know a little bit of weirdness, something a little unorthodox and overall just something the community has not really experienced in the past,” said Bradford.

Marquette Fringe hopes to put on an in-person fringe festival in the Fall of 2021.

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