MARQUETTE, Mich (WJMN) – On Saturday, May 19 the Marquette Lions Club will occupy the Lakeside Park in hopes to save the Lakeside Park.

“This park is very important to us, we call it our sentinel park because in 2019 we celebrated 100 years of service to the Marquette community and one of the first meets for the Marquette lion’s club was in this very spot where we stand today.” Lion’s club member Mary Rule said.

The club invites you to bring bring any returnable cans you have in your home. The proceeds will go to improving the Lakeside park.

“Last year we had actually 3 can drive through the course of the pandemic and raised over $15 thousand dollars which has now all been donated back to the community.” Rule said, “This year we are trying to beautify or help bring more beauty to the lakeside park by hoping to build a fund and with the city’s help building a new park that will be something that everyone can appreciate.”

The event starts at 10 am and will go on until 2 pm. For more information call (906) 250-1596