MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WJMN) – The National Center for Education Statistics says that as many as 94% of teachers spend their own money to stock their classrooms. With the new school year coming up, Marquette County Cares Coalition is hoping to ease that financial burden and help teachers get prepared for students to return in the fall with the ‘MC² In the Classroom’ program.

“The ‘MC² In the Classroom’ was inspired by the back-to-school season,” said Ashly Gleason, Marquette County Cares Coalition. “Educators are sharing their Amazon wish-list online. We realized that our community had a need for classroom extras, and that oftentimes, these teachers were providing those classroom extras with their own money to create an engaging learning environment. So, we just thought that we could step up and help with that. There is a Google form online that you can fill out. It is attached right to our Facebook posts. We’re encouraging the classroom products that we can help supply to encourage pro social behavior. That’s any behavior that encourages collaboration and kindness. We know that this creates strong bonds to schools and the community and that really motivates healthy standards and positive behavior for kids.”

To view the application, click here.