NEGAUNEE, Mich. (WJMN) – For the past six years, the Negaunee Lions Club has called in the professional efforts of the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office Dive Team to help them reel in the Teal Lake Melt-Down structure.

“Every year that we’ve hosted this event, they have stepped up and coordinated a training session to retrieve a structure after it goes through the ice,” said Neil Lynch, Negaunee Lions Club. “And it serves us in that we get the structure back to use it again next year and it serves them as an exercise for them to hone their skills. It’s a very symbiotic relationship but we are very much in their debt for their assistance.”

The dive team does an exercise training once a month, but this month’s training was a little different.

“Our dive team, we use this training as if it is something that we’re going to be retrieving out of the water and that’s actually what we’re going to be doing so today what we’re training on is use of lift bags and lifting property out of the water,” said Sgt. Errol Lukkarinen, Marquette County Sheriff’s Office.

An example would be if they have to get a vehicle out of the water.

“This scenario is realistic based,” said Sgt. Lukkarinen. “It would be a scenario like if we had to lift a car out of the water, a car that went into the water. We would simulate the same as we would be lifting a vehicle.”

And just like that, the structure is out of the water to be stored until the weather once again gets chilly in Upper Peninsula.

The Teal Lake Melt-Down is a fundraiser for the Negaunee Lions Club and Greater Ishpeming-Negaunee Area Chamber of Commerce. For more information the Negaunee Lions Club and what they do, click here.