MICHIGAMME, Mich. (WJMN) – The town of Michigamme kicked off its celebration of 150 years on Friday. The first night of the four-day-long celebration consisted of a community bonfire, a dance exhibition from the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community Cultural Committee, and a lantern release to round out the night. In a town that is rich in history, the Michigamme Sesquicentennial Committee hopes that all who attend any event over the course of the celebration leave knowing how special the town and its people really are.

“I hope that people know just how the people here love the outdoors and the town,” Jenna Zwick, a member of the Michigamme Sesquicentennial Committee said. “I hope that people are going to the museum and seeing the history that we do have here. We get a lot of people in town from all over, we have people coming from across states just to see the fireworks so we are hoping that they come together and see the rest of the town and what we have to offer. We want people to come together because this is a celebration for the town.”

For a full list of events for the Michigamme Sesquicentennial Celebration, click here.