MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – Michigan’s Chief Infrastructure Officer held a town hall meeting in Marquette on Thursday. Newly appointed by Governor Whitmer, Zach Kolodin, met with local officials at The Northern Center to better explain the Infrastructure, Investment and Jobs Act, and how it will benefit Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

On hand were representatives of county road commissions, Michigan Department of Transportation, railroad representatives and many other community leaders. Kolodin laid out the spending plan for Michigan’s share, $11 billion freed up by the new law. The majority of funds will be used for roads, highways and bridges, followed by transit improvements and the introduction of Internet broadband into under-served rural communities.

“Michigan has a large set of rural areas that lack the physical infrastructure currently for high speed Internet,” said Kolodin. “And so our allocation of funding reflects that and the state. The Michigan High Speed Internet office is currently building a comprehensive community by community map to demonstrate to the federal government which communities most need additional assistance, so that we can make the most of this opportunity and get as much of that federal broadband funding as we believe we’re entitled to.”

The Infrastructure, Investment and Jobs Act signed by President Biden in February, authorizes $1.2 trillion in spending with $550 billion going for new projects.