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MARQUETTE, Mich., (WJMN) – Heidi Moore was admitted to the hospital with severe pain in her hip in 2017. She had a severe infection that caused an extended stay in the hospital and several surgeries after to repair the hip.

Her daughter Sarah Wolfe says she needed something to occupy her mind and time while sitting with her mom in the hospital.

“I spent many, many nights sitting by her, many days sitting beside her praying and crocheting dishcloths was really simple,” said Wolfe. “I could do it without thinking too much and it allowed me to pray and just be quiet and help me to not be quite so anxious about you know what she was facing.”

During recovery from her surgeries, Moore began knitting dishcloths while she was resting her hip. Wolfe says it was something her mom could do that was therapeutic while she was healing. Moore says the time in the hospital and after was hard for her.

“It was very depressing for me, you know, I wanted to be on my feet and I couldn’t be on my feet very much to begin with,” said Moore. “I felt as though I was losing the ability to think through things.”

The idea to sell the dishcloths to help pay the medical bills came from a friend who purchased some and told Wolfe to put the money toward her mother’s expenses. When mailing some of the dishcloths to friends and family at The Shipping Shop, the owner asked Wolfe to bring some dishcloths in to sell there.

“Lori said, well bring some more back in and I brought a basket, like this, and she said write up a little display and we’ll put that right over there,” said Wolfe. “I mean that was just, melted my heart because here’s this small business owner in our community reaching out and doing something that seems really small but made a huge impact on us.”

Moore worked as a nurse in Marquette for several years and worked with one of the doctors who helped her when she was initially admitted. Wolfe says, her mom’s time as a patient was difficult because she was still attentive to the alarms and call sounds in the hospital.

“We would often be in the hospital and she would hear a call over the loud system,” said Wolfe. “She would say, Sarah, I’ve got to go, someone fell I have to go help them, and I would say mom, take care of you.”

Wolfe and Moore are still making and selling dishcloths for the expenses. The dishcloths are for sale at The shipping Shop in Marquette, or you can message Wolfe on Facebook to inquire about purchasing the clothes.

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