MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – The president of Michigan State University visited the U.P. Monday to share his plans for the school.

Dr. Samuel L. Stanley Jr. visited Marquette to present his strategic plan for MSU to the Marquette Rotary Club. MSU has a connection to the U.P. through the MSU extensions.

“So, we’re very supportive of extension, it’s really a core part of Michigan State University’s mission,” said Dr. Stanley. “It’s really what we were established to do in some sense, is take the products of the incredible things that are happening in our campus and push them out into communities where they’ll make a difference and change peoples’ lives. So extension is a big part of that. Our AG and Natural Resources College does most of the work on that because that’s where our land grant mission originally started, but we’ve expanded it now to our College of Human Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine to our public health group that’s coming out of the College of Medicine, to our Business College reaching out. Our Law College is starting programs as well. We are trying to find extension as a way to get to every county in Michigan State and make a difference.”

Dr. Stanley has several plans in place to grow and improve the university. One of his goals is to raise the graduation rate for all students including students from the U.P.

“So I think some of the big things are we are really making some progress towards our graduation rates,” said Dr. Stanley. “The students’ success is really important for Michigan State. We want to see every student that comes here, and we have hundreds coming from the Upper Peninsula, we want to see them come to MSU, we want to see them graduate from MSU. And if they don’t do that, we’re putting that on us. We’re not saying it’s all your fault, we’re saying maybe we didn’t do everything we could do to help you graduate. So, by changing that attitude, by changing the way we approach the problem, we’re going to take our graduation rates from 82% to 86% in 6 years.”

If you want to know more about Dr. Stanley’s strategic plan, you can find the MSU President website here.