Munising will ‘rekindle the spirit’ with 12 days of fun

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MUNISING, Mich., (WJMN) – The Alger County Chamber of Commerce is hosting their annual Rekindle the Spirit event virtually this year.

With COVID-19 everyone has had to get creative with activities. The Munising Chamber of Commerce has opted to take one of their beloved events and turn it virtual this year according to Kathy Reynolds, CEO of the Alger County Chamber of Commerce.

“We knew we couldn’t do things in person like we typically do and we have a very successful event every year and we know people were really looking forward to doing something and so we knew we had to do something probably virtual we didn’t want to do anything like anything else that was out there,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds says it took a lot of planning.

“We did the filming a couple weeks ago took us a couple days, long days, to do the filming,” said Reynolds. “Prepping for it was extensive it was something we had never done before nor did we have a playbook for it of course, so you run into things like copyright laws and public domains and things like that, that you just never thought about.”

One of the staff members at their office is a writer by trade according to Reynolds and helped write scripts for the videos. Reynolds says their three person staff worked to pick topics, find costumes and get the videos put together. Volunteers helped star in the videos and the production was funded by event sponsors.

“We had a local production company that did the filming, is doing the editing so we’re very happy with that,” said Reynolds. “Munising Visitors Bureau, the local hotels in town helped sponsor this particular event so we’re really excited and we hope people enjoy it.”

Videos will start coming out on December 7th and feature Santa and Mrs. Claus along with some other holiday characters. She says they wanted to do more than just one small video so they decided to follow the theme of the twelve days of Christmas.

“They’ll be featuring Santa and Mrs. Claus, different Christmas characters, Ebenezer Scrooge,” said Reynolds. “They’ll be doing things like reading stories and doing crafts, things that you can do from home where you don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of stuff you can collect whatever you need right there.”

“When you’re trying to think of things to do whether it’s with your family or with your community this year you’ve just got to be creative,” said Reynolds. “And who knows you know as time goes on as more events that we have once things kind of get back to a more normal state we might incorporate things that we have did this year and that we have started to do because of everything that’s been going on, so we’ve learned a lot and it’s certainly been a learning experience and we hope to utilize some of the things that we have learned and done in the future.”

The videos will be posted on the Chamber’s website and Facebook page once daily until Christmas.

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