NEGAUNEE, Mich. (WJMN) – The Historic Vista Theater building in Negaunee has a new chance to be restored.

The City of Negaunee held a meeting to decide on whether or not to buy the Historic Vista Theater from the Peninsula Arts Appreciation Council. The city would be able to buy the building for one dollar and apply for a grant to restore the building. 

“So, the city has the opportunity to save the historic building,” said Nate Heffron, the City Manager of the City of Negaunee. “The council at the last regular council meeting had given me the authority to seek out alternative funding. Fortunately, we will be able to find that funding through the Land Bank Authority’s cooperation, PAAC’s cooperation, and the State of Michigan. The city right now, if the grant is successful, we’ll only have to spend $1. Of course we know there is more to be done than besides just the roof and clean up. Questions on what the building will be used for in the future are up in the air and then how much that will cost will also be up in the air. We are going to be in the best position to obtain those grants other than anybody else in order to keep this building at to be a functional and viable building for Downtown Negaunee.”

The Peninsula Arts Appreciation Council believes this is the best chance to restore the building.  They hope the city chooses to keep the building a theater, or a place of entertainment. 

“I think it’s exciting that’s going to be happening here, to partner with the city,” said Lisa Bowers, the Secretary of PAAC. “We’ve been trying to partner with someone who has access to these grant funds for a while. So, to be able to take the more than $100,000 that we’ve raised to put into stabilizing the building up to this point and take that and put it to good use, that would be amazing if we could just save the building.”

The City of Negaunee voted 5 to 1 to move forward with the purchase and to apply for the grant to restore the building. They do not know what the building will be used as in the future.

You can find more information about the Historic Vista Theater building and PAAC on their Facebook page here.

You can stay updated on this project through the City of Negaunee’s Facebook page here, and their website here.