Northern Michigan University nursing and ROTC students participate in trauma simulation

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – Nursing students and members of NMU’s ROTC worked together in a trauma simulation at the Seaborg Center.

Kary Jacobson, instructor of nursing at NMU, says they’ve been partnering up with ROTC for three years.

“We have done it in the past, this is actually our third one that we’re doing in collaboration with them,” said Jacobson. “We have done the trauma simulations with just nursing in the past, we decided it would be really nice to be able to collaborate with another department so that’s kind of how this evolved.”

Jacobson says it’s important for nursing students to practice their skills.

“This is really important for nursing students because the nursing students that are doing it today are graduating seniors so they’re going to be out in the real world here in the next couple of months and this is just a great way for them to practice some skills without putting any patients in danger, they get to learn all about the different types of trauma care depending where they work that might be really important and working with other disciplines is also a part of nursing so that’s why collaborating with the military science is really helpful with getting that communication with other students and other members of the community,” said Jacobson.

Students participate in several different simulations throughout their semester.

“In my class we do a stroke simulation, we do a simulation of a patient having a heart attack, something that’s new this semester that we’re going to be doing next week is a respiratory simulation especially with COVID and all of that that’s been happening we’ve felt that it was really important for students to to get some of that experience as well,” said Jacobson.

The simulation involved five mannequins with differing injuries scattered outside the Seaborg Center on NMU’s campus. The nursing students and ROTC members discussed what the injuries were and how to treat them, then nursing students went into the simulation labs while ROTC members responded to a simulated explosion and triaged the mannequins into the simulation labs for nursing students to practice treating.

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