NEGAUNEE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WJMN) – As we reach the middle of November, it’s hard not to notice the lack of snowfall and chilly temperatures. High temperatures in mid November in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula are typically in the lower 40’s or even the higher 30’s. However, as we near Thanksgiving week, temperatures could get into the 50’s. 

“Over the next couple of days, if there’s a plume of warmer air that’s going to be building into our area under southwesterly flow,” Joe Phillips, a Meteorologist at the National Weather Service. “If we trace the air mass all the way back, it’s originating from the desert southwest so, we’re able to access that into our area over the next couple of days and it’s possible some areas could be in the 50s, maybe even near 60 by Thursday. Of course, when it comes to temperature forecasting this time of year, a lot of it depends on how much sunshine you get. And there will be some high level clouds moving into the area off and on through the next couple days. So they may impact how warm it actually gets, but still thinking it’s going to be above average for the next couple days.”

The temperatures should return to closer to normal as we get to the end of the week.

If you’re wondering when we could start seeing more snow, stay updated by visiting our weather page. You can find your up to date local forecast and our Local 3 Weather livestream here.