MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – From June through August, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula can expect to see more thunderstorms and severe weather starting to develop.

Most severe weather in the U.P. includes hail, strong winds, flooding, and lightning.

“As far as severe weather hazards, we run the gamut of potential from large hail, strong winds, torrential rain leading to flooding, and in isolated cases even tornadoes,” said Matt Zika, a Meteorologist at the National Weather Service. “We just passed the one year anniversary a couple of weeks ago of the big Gaylord tornado that happened last year and while they are relatively rare here in the U.P., we generally average one per year. It’s not something that we have a zero probability of occurring on a yearly basis.”

While you are enjoying the beautiful summers in the U.P. it’s always important to be mindful of severe weather potential.

Check your local forecast frequently to see if there is potential for severe weather in your area, Stay inside when there is lightning. If you are hiking or camping make sure you have somewhere safe to shelter in the event of a thunderstorm. 

You can find your up to date local forecast and our Local 3 Weather Livestream here.