MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – Marquette City Commissioners met with many items on the agenda on Monday night.

One item was about the approval of the grant to help with the demolition of the former UPHS Marquette Hospital site. The item was passed, and the funding will be provided through the Community Development Block Grant Program.

“So the Blight Elimination Grant, or the Blight resolution Grant will designate that area for those buildings and that campus as blighted,” said Karen Kovacs, the City Manager of Marquette. “That means they have experienced several aspects or criteria that are outlined in public act 344 of 1945, which is the blight elimination provisions. And there’s several factors that are included in that including functional obsolescence, deteriorating conditions, high vacancy rates, although there are a couple of building on that campus that do have temporary tenants right now that are going through a transition but those are not included in this grant. But, that is essentially, that resolution is going to cover designating that area as blight.”

Also on the agenda, Marquette City Commissioner Jenn Hill resigned as she was elected as State Representative of the 109th District. Commissioners will now work on finding a replacement.

“When there is a vacancy that is declared on the City Commission, the city commission must act to fill that vacancy within about 60 days, which would put us into January 13th if it were today,” said Kovacs. “So, what this is going to be on the agenda, is going to discuss the procedures for filling that vacancy, which we are assuming would be similar to how they’ve done it in the past 5 years, or 3 times that they’ve had to do it in the past 5 years, which is opening up for applications, for interested parties and then allowing those interested applicants to have a few statements and then take it before the commission, probably sometime at the end of December, which will probably be around December 19th.”

At the meeting, Commissioners voted in Cody Mayer to serve as Mayor of Marquette.

If you would like to watch the full Marquette City Commission meeting, you can find the recording on YouTube here.