MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – People gathered in Marquette’s Harlow Park to stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

“We just need to know not only what our local community can do but there are people here from Ukraine that live here, and that their children are raised here, I mean we are all in this together,” Ania Bieciuk, the Organizer of Stand with Ukraine said. “So getting more information out is really what we want to do.”

Even though Ania’s family is from Poland, it is that connection that is the driving force for her to help Ukrainians who have been forced into seeking refuge in Poland.

“I do work as the administrator for Polish Affairs at the Polish Institute of Culture and Research that is in downstate Michigan at Orchard Lake Schools, and there we’ve started a Ukrainian Relief Fund where we’ve actually raised over $50,000 to send over to Poland,” Bieciuk said. “This is for the refugees that are coming across the border into Poland that Poland has really opened up instantly and without any question to over 2 million people. So what I do downstate really lends itself to what I do here and creating awareness for our community and for those abroad”

All funds raised through the Polish Mission – Ukrainian Relief Fund go directly towards Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

“The funds go for health purposes, food, hygiene, anything and everything that they need to take care of themselves for the next few weeks while they’re away from home,” Bieciuk said.

To make a donation to the Polish Mission – Ukrainian Relief Fund, click here.