MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – The litter cleanup organization, “Great Lakes Great Responsibility” kicked off their Great Lakes Cleanup Road Trip in Marquette on Wednesday.

Volunteers joined Great Lakes Great Responsibility (GLGR) and the Marquette County Conservation District at Presque Isle Park to put on their gloves and pick up some buckets to help GLGR’s mission of picking up a million pieces of trash from the Great Lakes. Meag Schwartz, the founder of GLGR, explains why protecting our cleanliness of our Great Lakes is so important.

“It’s really a passion project of mine. And, really, the Great Lakes are an international asset,” said Schwartz. “As we see climate change issues exacerbate throughout the world, we know that fresh water is really going to be an international treasure, and it already is, so we need to protect it now.”

GLGR is hitting every Great Lake on their road trip this week. Wednesday, they were able to remove 2,749 pieces and 23+ pounds of trash from Presque Isle Park; mostly plastic pieces and cigarette butts.

If you’d like to know more about their mission or would like to help contribute to their goal of picking up 1 million pieces of trash, you can go to their website,