MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – As springtime approaches, the dreaded potholes in the road start to form.

Potholes are holes or damage in the road that can cause damage to vehicles as they drive across them. Weather is usually the cause for these road hazards.

“Oftentimes we hear, you know, springtime is coming, it’s pothole season, and the main reason is because the weather plays a huge role in the formation of those potholes,” said Matt Zika, a Meteorologist at the National Weather Service. “When we get to this point in the winter season and the early part of spring, oftentimes temperatures are rising above freezing during the day. So, snow, ice is melting and as that water finds it’s way into the cracks in the roadways and then overnight temperatures are often dropping still below freezing and so as the ice forms and expands, it causes the potholes to start to form.”

Although potholes just seem like a nuisance, they can also potentially cause damage to your vehicle. It’s also important to remember that even when potholes seem avoidable, you still need to be mindful of other vehicles on the roads. Swerving to avoid potholes can be dangerous for yourself and also for other drivers.

“Well, I mean, if you hit a really bad one at a high rate in speed, you can bend the rims, or do other damage to your vehicle,” said Dan Weingarten, the Communications Representative for Michigan Department of Transportation in the Superior Region. “So, the best thing to do if you see a pothole is to keep your wheel pointed straight so you’re not hitting it at an angle and slowing down as much as you can. If you can avoid them without creating a hazard to other drivers then you should try to do that too. You know, and whether you’ve hit the pothole or missed it, you can save your fellow motorists and possibly yourself in the future some headaches and costs for repairs by reporting that to us.”

If you encounter a pothole, the best thing to do is to report it.

You can report potholes that are on a state road here, or on the pothole hotline at (888)296-4546

On a city street or county road you can report potholes to the City Public Works Department or County Road Commission that is local to the pothole.