Power of Pink Champion, Rich Tegge shares how cancer affected him and why he is raising funds to battle the disease

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – Rich Tegge’s personal life has been affected by cancer in a few different ways.

“My mom and my grandmother were both breast cancer survivors and me personally, I’m a 15-year cancer survivor from colon cancer,” said Tegge. “And then in March of 2019, I lost my mom to a battle with lung cancer.”

Rich says going through this in different ways gave him more of an understanding of the disease.

“Having been through it with my mom and my grandmother, before I had my diagnosis… I think you don’t really know how to react, right,” said Tegge. “Cancer at times be a death sentence until you really know and understand the full severity of your case, it’s very, very emotional.”

Instead of worrying about himself when he was diagnosed, Rich thought about his loved ones.

“I was more worried about calming the fears of others than the fear that I had for myself,” said Tegge. “I’ve really had the opportunity to look back on the experience and you really realize how important attitude is in the whole deal. My kids were teenage years and I didn’t want them to see me giving into any of this. I didn’t think that I was going to be anything but successful in that process.”

Rich is lucky to be able to tell his story and that’s why him and his team at Wealth Strategy Group are a team in the American Cancer Society’s Power of Pink Campaign, because Rich knows in one way or another, this disease impacts everyone. They are asking for support of individuals and businesses to contribute to their cause.

“We have our Facebook page that we’ve used in the past, Pink out the U.P. focused on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan of course and that’s a way that we can give back and give recognition to those that contribute to our campaign and we’ll be giving shout-outs in a variety of other ways,” said Tegge.

Rich says they also plan on sharing other people’s stories on how cancer has affected people in the U.P. on the Facebook Page.

“We’re going to beat our goal,” said Tegge “I know that and I know my team is fully behind that.”

To donate to Rich’s cause, click here.

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