MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – An Upper Peninsula scuba diving legend is again leading an underwater clean-up crew to remove trash that litters the bottom of Marquette’s Lower Harbor.

For over 30 years, Don Fassbender has been exploring the depths of Lake Superior, discovering shipwrecks, interesting fish and rock formations, but for the last four years he has turned his attention to trash and cleaning up Marquette’s Lower Harbor.

Diver Don, as he is affectionately known will be leading the 4th Annual Lower Harbor Clean-Up dive on Saturday, August 6. He expects upwards of 30 divers from across the Midwest to join him in his effort to restore the waters in the area and bring it back to its clean and un-cluttered state.

“Saturday, August 6 is our 4th annual underwater clean-up,” said Fassbender. “Organized by the Great Lakes Scuba Diving Club here in Marquette. To date we removed 11 tons of tires, to refrigerators, car batteries, marine batteries, bikes, even jewelry. You wouldn’t believe what we find in this lake. It’s all trash. It doesn’t need to be there. And we ask that people be a little bit more aware of their surroundings, to try not to litter on the street because ultimately ends up in the water and we don’t want that in our drinking water.”

Diver Don believes that after Saturday’s clean-up, most of the larger items like tires, bikes, car batteries and appliances should be all gone, allowing him and his aquatic crusaders to find another harbor in need of rescue.

The event begins at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday. For more information, click here.