MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN)-An environmental group held a meeting Tuesday night to inform local residents of the potential hazards of building a rocket launch pad in Marquette County.

It was held by Citizens for a Safe and Clean Lake Superior. The group, which is opposed to any plans for a spaceport in the U.P. says the site, 10 miles north of Marquette, is a threat to our environment.

The group recently obtained a report from an independent research firm that outlined the feasibility of a spaceport in Marquette County. The report indicated that any such development would provide no significant economic benefit, provide a fraction of the jobs promised and produce sound levels way beyond what is harmful to humans. 

Board President, Dennis Farraro believes the lack of economic benefit, and the disruption to the environment are just some of the reasons he opposes this venture.

“Spaceports in Michigan make absolutely no economic sense,” Farraro said. “And it would have a negligible economic impact on the State of Michigan. It would be a very, very risky investment for anybody.”

“Those rocket launchers would be heard at astounding levels even as far as the City of Marquette or Big Bay,” said Cait Sternberg, Citizens for a Safe and Clean Lake Superior, Community Outreach Director. “They could be heard from 50 miles from the rocket launch site. To put it into perspective, immediate physical pain is felt at 125 decibels of sound. So, this would be painful and very disrupting for everyday life for humans and wildlife.”

The group hopes to convince local officials to re-consider their support for the project. For more information on this group’s mission, click here.