Two snowfall records broken in Marquette County

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NEGAUNEE, Mich., (WJMN) – 8.3 inches of snow was recorded on October 25 at US National Weather Service Marquette.

The previous record for snowfall on that day was sset in 1976 at 3.1 inches. Over the course of October this year, 19.2 inches of snow has been recorded. This breaks the 1979 record of 18.6 inches.

Taylor Prislovsky, meteorologist from the NWS, says the snow was essentially because of the lake.

“It’s really just some northwest lake effect snow, really just lake effect snow,” said Prislovsky.

He says that in some ways the location of the office makes a difference in the amount of snow they record compared to other areas in Marquette County.

“Our office is essentially is fairly high up in comparison to the city of Marquette and so we do have a little bit of upslope from the lake so we might get some more snow coming down just based on the terrain playing an influence there that might have helped us out,” said Prislovsky.

The reason for the record breaking day on October, 26 is uncertain according to Prislovsky. He says the snowfall could affect the weather going forward this winter.

“In a sense, if there’s snow cover and there’s snow accumulation that can affect the weather in some regards but that affect is rather small and becomes smaller especially if let’s say the snow melts that affect becomes smaller and smaller with time, however if the snow stays it would still have a pretty constant effect,” said Prislovsky.

You can follow the weather on National Weather Service Marquette’s Facebook Page or visit the National Weather Service website.

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