MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – The U.S. Coast Guard opened its doors to community members on Friday.

Along with learning more about Station Marquette, people also had the opportunity to learn about other government agencies and businesses that help the community as well. This week is National Safe Boating Week so the Coast Guard used this time to also refresh residents on ways you can stay safe on the water, especially with the summer months ahead.

“Hypothermia is something we experience all year round because Lake Superior doesn’t get warm,” Mckenna Shook, a member of Station Marquette said. “Lake Superior is very deep and the areas we experience hypothermia with people are those who are usually out or in their kayaks. If you go out in kayak make sure to not just dress for air temperature but to dress for water temperature.”

If you are ever in an emergency on the water, The Coast Guard says the best way to contact them is through radio marine band channel 16.