UPDATE: Tilden Township man’s body found two weeks after he went missing

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Updated 6/8 at 2:18 PM: The Marquette County Sheriff’s office and the Marquette County Medical Examiner released today that they have concluded the investigation into the death of Nicholas Suardini.

No foul play was involved in the death and the evidence is consistent with the finding to the cause and manner of Suardini’s death. The investigation revealed that Suardini died soon after leaving the residence in the Charley Lakes area.

UPDATED 5/27 AT 12:25 PM: According to the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office, the body of Nicholas Suardini was found on Wednesday.

An autopsy will be performed by the Marquette County Medical Examiner. The Marquette County Sheriff’s Office is keeping the investigation open until the autopsy results come in.

UPDATED 5/20 AT 4:46 PM: 31-year-old Nicholas Reid Suardini was reported as a missing person by his mother on Monday, May 17 at approximately 2:00 p.m. He was last seen leaving her house on foot on Thursday, May 13 at 10:30 am near the Charley Lakes area.

This area is located in South Marquette and is very wooded and remote. Marquette County Search and Rescue were called to the area on May 17th and conducted a several-hour search of the roads and wooded area. Nothing was found during the search. Several camps and cabins were also searched in the area with negative results.

It was originally reported that Suardini was wearing a red t-shirt, blue jeans, and dark gray or black tennis shoes when he left the home on foot. In looking at the doorbell camera video at the home it shows that Suardini left the home on Thursday, May 13th at approximately 12:32 p.m. and he was wearing a dark-colored hooded sweatshirt with the words “Big Bay” on the front of the shirt and he had on black and white basketball shorts and he was not wearing shoes.

Suardini is shown to be carrying a large Ol’ Roy dog food bag which allegedly contained a ½ gallon of Vodka and several White Claw alcoholic beverages.

On 5-18-21 the Marquette County Sheriff’s office received information that Suardini was seen in Marquette City on Thursday 5-13-21 at approximately 2 to 3 p.m. Detectives with the Sheriff’s Office have attempted to confirm this information by looking at video in the area of the alleged sighting but have been unable to confirm this. Other tips have been received on possible locations for Suardini including areas outside of the State, but none of these tips have turned up his location.

As part of the investigation, Sheriff’s Office investigators would like to talk to 25-year-old Kyle Dorow who is from the Ishpeming area. Dorow had been at the Mother’s home with Suardini on the day that he left on foot. Dorow left the home later in the day and Detectives have been unable to reach him for an interview. Dorow is not considered to be a missing person but is only needed to be interviewed as a witness at this time.

Investigators have been able to determine so far that Suardini was last seen leaving his Mother’s home on Thursday, May 13th on foot and was carrying alcohol. It has been determined that Suardini did not have his personal belongings with him such as his wallet, cell phone, medications, and shoes. Suardini has not used his financial transaction devices and he has not communicated with anyone using his Facebook account.

Suardini is alleged to be struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues and it was reported that he was possibly intoxicated when he left his mother’s home. Due to none of the leads of alleged sightings of Suardini in the Marquette area have turned up his whereabouts, the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office is going to conduct additional searches in the wooded area that he was last seen, near his Mother’s home.

Today, Marquette County Search and Rescue were dispatched back to the area of North Shore Road and have been conducting an additional search of the area where Suardini was last seen.

The Sheriff’s Office asks that anyone who knows the whereabouts of Suardini or has any information on this case, please contact the Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at (906) 225-8441 or the direct line to the Sheriff’s Office during business hours at (906) 225-8435. Information can also be called into Central Dispatch at (906) 475-9912. It is also asked that if anyone has contact with Kyle Dorow to ask him to contact the Sheriff’s Office.

TILDEN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WJMN) – The Marquette County Sheriff’s Office has received a missing person complaint for Nicholas Reid Suardini.  Suardini is 31 years old and was last seen on Thursday (5/13/21) around 10:30 AM.  He was walking east on North Shore Road near Middle Road in Tilden Township.  

Nicholas Suardini is 6’0” tall and around 185 lbs.  He has brown, medium length hair, blue eyes, and lots of tattoos.  He was last seen wearing a red t-shirt, blue jeans, and dark gray or black tennis shoes.

Anyone with information to assist in locating Nicholas Suardini is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office Tip Line (906-225-8441), Facebook page, or submit a tip through the Sheriff’s Office App.

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