Upper Peninsula dispensaries are busy on 4/20

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MARQUETTE, Mich (WJMN) – April 20th is a holiday for some, especially those in Michigan. After Marijuana was legalized for recreational use back in 2018, dispensaries have begun to pop up everywhere. People rolled and packed into the dispensaries on Tuesday, to ring in the holiday accordingly. Joni Moore, the president of Higher Love says that although there might be lots of dispensary options in Marquette, the key to amazing products must start from the very beginning of the plant’s life, its soil.

“One of the things that sets us apart from the other stores, is that we have our own cultivation facility and we grow our plants in soil with organic methods,” said Moore. “We also have other products in the store, but that is our foundation, our organically grown soil. That’s important to us because that provides a healthy product for the customers and cannabis has a terpene profile that is boosted by the microorganisms that grow in soil.”

Marquette has recently seen an influx of dispensaries popping up. Although more dispensaries bring more competition, Moore says that they are happy to have neighbors who enjoy the same things as them.

“Oh, it’s fantastic,” said Moore. “You know we all try to get along. Of course, there’s a little bit of competition, but we’ve been to their store they’ve been to our store, we’ve met out in the street, we rescued a dog together out in the intersection the other day. So we just try to keep it happy.”

After officially opening their doors on Saturday, April 17, the optimal opening date of April 20 just kind of fell in Moore’s lap.

“We are such a highly regulated industry in that we’re at the mercy of the state, a little bit on licensing, and the flow and the timeline of all of that,” said Moore. “So that happened a little bit by accident but worked out for the better. It’s been fantastic.”

Across town, another Rize U.P recently opened its doors in preparation for the holiday. Rize U.P Store Manager Corey Stach knew the importance of having his store be open and in perfect shape for the day.

“We really pushed to get open before 420 we had a soft open on the 17th which worked very, very well,” said Stach. “It got us in the groove and yeah, now we’re here today so it’s going great. It’s been great. We got a good location and a diversified team and they’re all doing awesome.”

Since the opening day on Saturday through the holiday, Stach says his business have been blooming.

“Good, good. Obviously for buying holiday,” said Stach. “We’re really looking to have people come in, take advantage of our specials.”

With the addition of these two most recent dispensaries in the Marquette area, it looks like the cannibas community will be continuing to grow.

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