All lanes reopening in Marquette with completion of US-41 construction project

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – The Michigan Department of Transportation announced that on Tuesday, November 9th traffic will begin to be restored to two lanes in each direction of US-41 in Marquette and Marquette Township.

The intersection at US-41/M-28 and Commerce Drive is currently closed to cross-traffic but is expected to return to normal operation with a traffic light on Wednesday.

Some final work, including signs, painting lines, and other projects will continue for one more week. Some work will mean temporary, single-lane closures.

The project began in May, and had an original end date in October. MDOT spokesperson Dan Weingarten said some of the concrete work took longer than expected.

“So the work that’s left to be done right now is a little bit of fine coarse or top coarse paving on some of the street approaches and drive approaches to the highway,” said Weingarten.

Crews are installing new, more reflective signs before they replace any old or temporary signs along the 2.8 mile stretch of road. The final piece will be to paint the stripes and lines.

“The main thing people are going to notice is a nice smooth pavement, redone curb and gutter, and this non-motorized pathway we’re standing on here which is separated from the highway and will allow cyclists and pedestrians to have a path between the South Marquette bike trail system and Commerce Drive. The area is much improved for people who aren’t in their vehicles.”

For a map of the project, details of everything included, and an early look at MDOT’s projects for the upcoming years, go here.

The traffic configuration is expected to be the same as before, minus one Michigan left intersection East of Commerce Drive.

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