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NEGAUNEE, Mich. (WJMN) – Debris from the roof collapse at the Vista theater is now removed and work to shore up walls and construct enclosures to protect other portions of the building has begun.

Carrier Construction and Service, LLC is working on the project. Rusty Bowers, president of PAAC, says Carrier Construction and Service, LLC is allowing them to pay in increments for work on the walls and closing off parts of the building.

“Dale Carrier, the guy who’s been working on the shoring right now, has been very workable with us,” said Bowers. “He understands, he wanted half down to start but we explained to him that our cash was tied up paying for the debris but we showed him what was in the annex building and that we have the money to pay him we just have to do it in increments as we return them to the stores and the distributors.”

Bowers also says they were able to rent the equipment for securing the walls from Gundlach Champion for a discounted price. They hope to be done with this phase of the project by Christmas.

“We have a local contractor Dale Carrier, he is from Carrier Construction and Service, he’s a local Negaunee guy, and he started last week clearing some areas, moving some of the seats out of the way and starting the scaffolding put up,” said Bowers. “And now I think they have a four-level scaffolding put up, and they’re starting to put the bracing in today and we expect that the shoring and everything should be done by Christmas.”

They are still in need of donations and are working on sorting cans. So far, they have returned $5,000 in cans and Bowers estimates they still have thousands of dollars worth in cans to go through.

“Our go-fund-me page pretty much paid for the debris removal and we had our large can and bottle drive which we stopped collecting about a month ago but people keep dropping off cans in front of the building,” said Bowers. “We’ve asked people to please stop dropping cans off outside and please bring them to the store and consider a donation to us.”

Bowers says it’s difficult to go through the cans because of the limited number of people they can allow in the annex building due to COVID-19. There is also no electricity in the building and there is limited room for movement due to the volume of cans.

Money can be donated through the help us save the Vista Theater go-fund-me page. Information on can sorting events and other fundraisers can be found on the Historic Vista Theater/PAAC Facebook page. Ore Dock Brewing Company is presenting a virtual concert from Jeff Daniels and will donate the proceeds from the event to the Vista Theater as well.

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