WEST ISHPEMING, Mich. (WJMN) – Veterans Day celebrations were held across the U.P. on Friday, including an assembly organized by students at Westwood High School.

“It’s just something we started doing in recent years,” said Ian Bivins, student. “This is only our second one ever. I think it’s really important that our new principal brought the Veterans Day assembly. He’s the one who said that said we should start having one every year, and I think that’s really impactful because we’ve had lot of students who have graduated from Westwood that have gone on in serving the military, or even people that are teaching here, or teachers previously that were in the military.”

Friday’s assembly included music from the band, songs from the choir and readings paying special tribute to those from the school community and area that served our country.

“I think that it’s important that people understand what soldiers and people in the military and veterans go through, and so I think it’s important that they are honored in a very proper and respectful way,” said Isabella Nora, student.

“It’s really meaningful to me, especially because my dad served in the Army and I just like how we have a day to honor the people who have served our country,” added student, Sierra Rodda.

“Veterans Day means a lot to me,” said Bivins. “I have lots of family that have been in the military and I plan on going into teaching history and I think it’s really important to honor our veterans. Those who are still with us and those who have passed on, and I think that every school should have a Veterans Day assembly.”