MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – On this Y Wednesday, the YMCA of Marquette County is gearing up for its Fall Session 2 programs.

Sports and Aquatics Director Tyler Kellam shares what new programs will be offered.

“This is our fall two session: we’re offering three different sports. Kind of similar to last session we have our flag football program. This will be for first and second graders, last session was for third and fourth graders. It’ll take place here in our gymnasium from nine to ten on Saturday mornings, then we’ll go over certain things like offensive, defense and then teach obvious things such as passing and catching. And then we have our gymnastics program again, just like last session, so different age groups. This time, we’ll have our beginner class two beginner classes, one for the younger kids, one for the older kids and then an intermediate class, as well as our Wednesday morning homeschool classes again, so we’ll have a younger group for those and an older group there too.

“And then lastly, we have volleyball which will take place on Sundays. Once again in our gymnasium here at the Y, different age groups we have a high school class and in a middle school class, and they’re one hour apiece, starting at one, I think one to two for the high school class and two to three. For the middle schoolers. We also have swim programs constantly throughout the year. Those will also begin on October 30. We do Monday through Wednesday evenings as well as Thursday and Saturday morning. So, kind of something there for everybody in different age groups, different levels of swimming, different abilities and everything.

Fall Session 2 programs at the YMCA of Marquette County begins the week of October 30th and will run for six weeks. If you’d like to sign up for a class, you can do so online at