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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – Children ages 6 to 12 will be welcomed back at the YMCA for summer camp starting June 14.

Grace Brindle, marketing director at YMCA Marquette County, says they are looking forward to 2021.

“Overall, I am so thrilled to just be back in the community and doing things again here at the Y,” said Brindle. “Last year we weren’t able to do field trips during summer camp we weren’t able to do special programs this year we’re able to welcome that back.”

Brindle says they will be able to build on the things they did last year for a safe and fun summer.

“We know how to do it safely now, we know how to make summer camps work so that way the kids can have fun, have a place to go and still be involved and not just sitting at home you know sitting on technology or kind of on their own during the summer,” said Brindle.

This summer will host a few new things for children to engage in. Brindle says their crafts, swim lessons and events will still happen but they will be doing a two-tiered program by age for younger and older children.

“So our older kids will be kind of like counselors in training, learning some skillsets on how to be a good older child that can help to be a good example to younger children while also having fun at the YMCA doing things like the kid’s gym, playing in our basketball gym, going on field trips, like I said going swimming and we also are working towards specific camps like a gymnastics camp, a basketball camp, things like that that kids will be able to do as an add on to their day camp participation,” said Brindle.

Parents can download the summer camp sign-up packet on the YMCA’s website. Children can be signed up for full or half days and also differing numbers of days each week throughout the summer or even do a week here and there.

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