MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – The YMCA is partnering with the NMU Football program to bring kids a fun day of learning how to play flag football.

“So, for the last few years we’ve been partnering with the NMU football team to be able to offer a one day clinic for kids to practice flag football and to have a day with the NMU football players and their peers and just have a lot of fun,” said the CEO of Marquette County YMCA, Jenna Zdunek. “So, we’re able to offer that again on Sunday, April 16th. We’ll have two different age groups, so more of a preschool, late preschool age group and then a school age, later school age group for the little bit older kids. And so we have the NMU football team coming and we’re going to make it a really fun day. They will play a little game at the end and learn a lot and just get our community together.”

NMU football players will teach the kids how to play the game and even teach them a touchdown dance. This event is a way to keep kids active and to bring the community together.

“You know, there’s just so much energy in the gym and I think the kids are so excited about seeing the NMU athletes and the football players and they’ve just been great,” said Zdunek. “Like, they practice their touchdown dances and there’s lots of laughing. It’s about football but its more about getting the players together with the kids, having a lot of fun, and you know they break you up into 4 groups and then like I said they play a game at the end. But, the energy is just amazing.”

This program is open to members of the YMCA or nonmembers for a fee. The event will be held in the YMCA Basketball Gymnasium. For more information you can call the YMCA at 906-227-9622 or you can find their website here.