MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is getting back in the gym, the YMCA of Marquette County has some deals going on for the month of January.

January 4 is the last day that the $50 joining fee is waived. You can sign up in person or on the Y’s website with the code HealthyLiving. After you sign up, you will also receive one free training session with Personal Trainer Ben Carden.

“I have seen that a personal trainer is someone who really targets what you need the most,” said Marketing Director Grace Brindle. “In fact, recently, I was talking to Ben, our personal trainer, about one of my own needs for my personal training. I have some issues around a shoulder, and I was talking to him, he was discussing things that would be targeted for me and what we can do to help me. I think that’s what helps. Also, the accountability of just having somebody that you are checking in with that is going to say ‘Hey, have you done those push-ups, actually?’ I think that helps a lot.”

Winter programs at the Y will also be starting in the next couple of weeks, including youth gymnastics, dance, and swim lessons. To learn more, please visit