“Your safety is your responsibility,” Marquette City Government issues warning about Lake Superior ice

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – After a long arctic cold front settled over much of the Upper Peninsula, ice formed over the Lake Superior waters in Marquette’s Lower Harbor Park. It became a skating rink, tourist destination, and outdoor playground.

With warmer temperatures and wind moving through the region Marquette City leaders and authorities are cautioning people before going on the ice.

A view looking back at the city from Marquette’s Lower Harbor ore dock

Because of the recent popularity of walking and skating on the ice in the lower harbor and the expected warmer weather this week, we’d like to remind residents that there is a strong potential for the harbor ice to shift and/or breakup without much notice. Due to warming weather and strong currents, Lake Superior ice conditions may deteriorate rapidly.Your safety is your responsibility. If you do go out on the ice, let someone know where you are going, do not go alone, and check current ice condition reports before you go. Remember, when in doubt…do not go out.If you have any questions, please contact the Marquette City Fire Department: (906) 225-8936.

City of Marquette Government
Looking through the ice over Lake Superior in Marquette’s Lower Harbor.

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