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MARQUETTE —  Nurses from UP Health System-Marquette and others gathered today to make signs for an upcoming 48 hour strike. 

It could happen on October 5th and 6th. There are two more bargaining sessions between now and then.

The nurses have alleged poor staffing levels are resulting in unsafe patient care.

If both sides can’t come to an agreement nurses will picket outside the hospital. 

Kris Hough is a registered nurse at UPHS-Marquette. She says, “We want safe staffing. We need to have the time and the number of staff available to take good care of the patients and do it as safely as we can.” 

Andria Corcoran is also a registered nurse at UPHS-Marquette. She says, “We have the support of our nurses, family, friends and everyone who’s come out to joins us and who we hope to see on the picket line with us as well. It’s awesome to see this community support for us.”

In a previous statement UPHS-Marquette said, “We will continue to bargain in good faith; however, should it occur, we are fully prepared to handle a strike and ensure there is no interruption in care for our patients and community members.”