‘Peanut’ the dog tributed by the State of Michigan for rescuing Rapid River girl


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RAPID RIVER — Meet Peanut, the beagle-lab mix who was adopted by a family in Rapid River. She’s also the dog rescued a 3-year-old little girl from freezing temperatures earlier this year.

Kyle Frisk, Peanut’s owner, explained what happened on March 17.
“As I went outside to hook her up, she darted on her leash as far as she could go to the end of the yard, pointed at something in the field behind the house,” Kyle said. “And then I started hearing noises, so I went and investigated. And that’s when I found the little girl, curled up in the snow.”
Linda Frisk, Kyle’s mom and Peanut’s ‘Grandma’, added, “They said that, a few more minutes and she probably would have succumbed to the cold.”
Authorities later found out that the little girl and her sister were living in dangerous conditions, and taken into foster care.
Peanut, comes from a similar background, and was adopted by Kyle and his wife from the Delta County Animal Shelter.
“Severely abused, taken from the shelter at about 5 or 6 months old with broken legs, broken shoulders, broken ribs. They nursed her back to health. So yeah, it’s a  very similar story,” Kyle shared.
Today, State Representative Beau LaFave payed a special tribute to Peanut from the State of Michigan.
While presenting Peanut with her award, LaFave declared, “On behalf of the State of Michigan, I offer you this tribute. May you live a wonderful life, and not have to save any little girls in the future.”
“I think hero is an accurate title. Peanut is in a special category of heroes. She saved the life of a little helpless girl in the freezing cold of the Upper Peninsula,” La Fave added.
And as they say, everything happens for a reason….
Peanut’s Grandma explains, “There are just so many things when you look at it, that this was a plan to reveal what was going on. And to help that little girl and her sister into a better situation.”

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