IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WJMN) — The historic Pine Mountain began renovations Monday on their Ski Jump.

At Pine Mountain Ski Jump in Iron Mountain, skiers slide down this 176 foot high ramp, launching themselves into the air and down the hill. It’s a place of pride for competitors and recreational skiers alike.

Kiwanis Ski Club President Nick Blagec said it’s an important part of, not just the ski community, but the Upper Peninsula.

“I’ve been with this club for about 35-40 years now and other things come in and it’s like maybe you guys are going to the way side, and I usually keep this to myself, but I’ve seen a lot of stuff come and I’ve seen a lot of stuff go. We’re still here, but it’s because of the fans, the sponsors, and everybody else, so it’s just an amazing thing,” said Blagec.

Michigan State Senator Ed McBroom spoke and participated in the groundbreaking ceremony where he talked about the importance of making sure places like the Pine Mountain Ski Jump stay part of the Upper Peninsula culture.

“The ski jumps are one of the biggest events in the Upper Peninsula, drawing people from all across the U.P., and the Midwest, people are driving even from out east now to see these ski jumps, so it’s a huge event for the community,” said State Senator McBroom (R), 38th District.

“It’s the place you can go to meet everybody in a weekend in January or February, so it’s a big deal to keep that function alive, to keep that heritage and tradition alive.”

The ski jump renovations are excepted to be complete by October.

Pine Mountain hopes to host a World Cup Ski Jumping event sometime in the future, but said they have a lot of work to do before that could happen.