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MARQUETTE– Dr. Talal Khan, a chief of addiction services at a facility in Grand Rapids and assistant professor at Michigan State University was at NMU tonight sharing his presentation called, Addiction, The Addict and The Opioid Epidemic.

He covered topics such as why addiction is considered a disease, how to recognize distress of an addict and the magnitude of the opioid crisis.

Dr. Khan says, “This is a problem that’s been around for a while and it’s crossed the tipping point where were can’t ignore it anymore. The college age people are most well introduced to it initially. And if we can start early, get the young people to help the need and maybe start making the change, hopefully we’ll catch up to this epidemic.”

Dr. Khan says the hope is to change peoples perspectives on these matters. One way of doing this was through providing facts and statistics like 50 percent of mental health patients have some sort of addiction or the rise of newborns addicted to heroin from their mothers prior to birth.