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IRON MOUNTAIN– Brian Anderson, also known as The Tick Terminator is passionate about his mission in eliminating ticks from latching on to you. About seven or eight years ago, he started experimenting on how to get rid of them because his wife hates them and then his friend was affected by Lyme Disease.

“Which is just awful,” said Anderson. “I mean, he was a well fit guy and he could hardly open a bottle of water. I mean Lyme is just terrible on some people. Especially when it’s chronic when they’ve had it for months and months and months.”

As The Tick Terminator delved deeper into his research, he discovered Permethrin.

“And there is only a couple of people who make it in the Unites States here and I really started to realize, man this is the key because that’s what keeps ticks off of us so we don’t bring them in the house,” said Anderson.

The Tick Terminator recommends mixing a concentrate of Permethrin with water and spray it on your clothes. He says it’s harmless, odorless and stainless and whether you want it on your clothes for three weeks or 12 weeks, depends on how much you mix together.

“Ticks are out there, they’re out now,” said Anderson. “Especially out now, they’ve been out there for a couple of weeks.” is a website Anderson created where he shares all things ticks like information and the best repellants.