Prognosis improving for Great Horned Owl found on Marquette sidewalk

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CHOCOLAY TWP. – The health of the Great Horned Owl found Friday morning in Marquette is looking better by the day, and rehabbers are feeling more optimistic. 

Papa Owl – as he’s been dubbed by the Chocolay Raptor Center – was found in rough condition on the sidewalk near Saint Peter Cathedral. X-rays revealed a BB in the owl’s wing – confirming a suspicion that this was the owl shot, rehabbed and released in 2015. He still won’t eat on his own but is showing signs of recovering from what is thought to be a consuccsion, says Raptor Center Co-Founder Jerry Maynard.
“Our hope is that he’ll continue to get strong, start eating on his own. And then we can put him outside in a flight cage and test fly him,” said Maynard. “And if he’s flying fine and eating well, we’ll release him as soon as we can, so he can help his mate raise the babies.”
Maynard says the recovery time for a concussion varies with each bird and specific injury. He says they’ve had birds recover in one day and one that took five days before it regained its health.

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