Racing season in the U.P., Sands and Norway

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MARQUETTE AND DICKINSON COUNTIES– Marquette and Dickinson counties are both homes to racing speedways.

Sands Speedway says they’ll be having an exciting season with 10 big events and new class is featured this year.

“We have a new classic car that we’re experimenting with,” said Stan Wittler, Co-Owner, Track Manager, Sands Speedway. “We have a few cars coming out. It’s a newer model mustang right now. It came out on the track last week and it did alright. They’re still in the process of figuring out how the car is going to work.”

As Sands Speedway marks 50 years of racing this season, Wittler says it’s fun and affordable for anyone.

“Something to bring the whole family to,” said Wittler. “Our grandstand is covered, partially covered if it’s real hot. We have the hill. You can have a picnic on the grass in the hill. So there is all different kinds of ways you can come out and enjoy it. Bring the kids. Have a picnic on the hill and watch the racing.”

Sands Speedway has their next day of racing this Sunday. 

Over in Dickinson County, you’ll hear the roaring of Norway Speedway.

“We have a number of different classes,” said Matthew Charlebois, Vice President, Dickinson County Racing Association. “We run the Ken Sports trucks every other week. We have the four cylinders, the MC Bangers. We also have the superstocks and the 141 auto stockcars.”

Norway Speedway also is trying something new this season too.

“The pavement pounder,” said Charlebois. “Normally runs on dirt and these guys are putting asphalt tires on and coming up here to run on an asphalt track with a dirt car.”

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