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Reaction to 'perfect scores' at VA homes in Marquette, Grand Rapids

Last week’s announcement that the state veterans homes in Marquette and Grand Rapids earned perfect scores from a Veterans Administration audit came as good news for Michigan’s veterans.

While it was the third straight year that the Marquette Jacobetti Home got a perfect score, the Grand Rapids home had major issues in recent years of neglecting veterans.

Former Upper Peninsula state representative Ed McBroom led the investigation into the Grand Rapids situation and was pleased with these new results.

“It’s really remarkable what’s been going on since we turned the spotlight on there,” McBroom told RRN News. “We got some attention paid to just some terrible conditions that were allowed to go on with people falsifying checks and reports. Veterans not being checked on for hours. It was shameful what we discovered was going on there."

He says that the quality of care was never an issue at the Marquette facility.

“The Jacobetti Center has a phenomenal reputation,” McBroom said. “Even when the bureaucrats were not keeping an eye on it and keeping it accountable like they were supposed to, once this happened and Grand Rapids and they started doing the checks there, it turned out things were in excellent condition (in Marquette) and people were being treated well.”


The original press release on the veterans home conditions is below:

For the first time, both State of Michigan-managed veteran homes met all 231 standards for nursing home and domiciliary care, according to surveys conducted by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

“Top to bottom, MVAA made a commitment to improve on the work we do in providing long-term care to Michigan’s veterans,” said Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency Director James Robert Redford. “We are proud of the continued hard work and dedication of our staff in Grand Rapids and Marquette who live the commitment by providing the best care to the members who reside in both homes.”

This is the third year in a row that the Marquette Home has achieved a perfect survey result and the first year for the Grand Rapids Home. At GRHV, the 2018 survey results showed marked year-over-year improvement, rising from a met-rate of 87.8 percent of the 231 standards in 2015 to 90 percent in 2016, then 99.5 percent in 2017.

“It’s encouraging to see continuous improvements in care at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans,” Gov. Rick Snyder said. “The positive results of the federal survey are a direct result of action by MVAA leadership and hard work from the staff who have made it their mission to provide excellent care for our veterans across Michigan.”

The 2018 surveys of the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans and the D.J. Jacobetti Home for Veterans may be downloaded from the MVAA website at MichiganVeterans.com.

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