Redrawing the lines

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According to the Radio Results Network, the Escanaba City Council last night began the process of redrawing the lines of the Downtown Development Authority (D.D.A.).

The move would remove the land where the old county jail is located from the D.D.A. district.

If a developer agrees to buy and develop that land, the D.D.A. would not get the tax revenue from it.

The city, county, schools, and other taxing entities in the area would.

“We feel that it is the right thing to do to carve it out of the D.D.A. district,” Escanaba Mayor Marc Tall told RRN News. “That’s what we have begun the process of. Should the site be developed and put onto the tax rolls, it would mean a huge windfall for the D.D.A. We feel that all of the taxing authorities deserve their share- their usual share of the property tax dollars.”

The county recently moved all of the inmates out of the jail site to the new one on College Avenue.

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