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Republican members of the Michigan House recently unveiled their Action Plan for the 2019-20 legislative term.

Since 2011, House Republicans have publicly outlined their priorities to improve government accountability and make the state an even better place to live and work. House Republicans will focus on the following issues in the next two years:

• Building Michigan’s future through improved infrastructure, including roads, public water systems and broadband.
• Protecting constitutional rights and religious freedoms.
• Standing up for the most vulnerable, including the mentally ill and victims of opioid addiction.
• Meaningful criminal justice reform, such as protecting private property rights through changes to civil asset forfeiture, while upholding the rule of law.
• Putting more hard-earned money back into the pockets of Michigan taxpayers through lower car insurance rates and tax relief.

“A lot of hard work has gone into putting this state on the right course after the Lost Decade. And these issues are priorities for us, because these are the significant reforms that will help us stay on that course,” Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield said. “We are going to focus on the state’s most pressing issues and deliver real reforms that will benefit the people of this state and our future generations.”

Titled “Leading the Way,” the plan is derived from input across the House Republican caucus including a committee of both returning legislators and newcomers. State Rep. Aaron Miller, of Sturgis, recently began his third term as part of the 100th Legislature and chaired the House Action Plan Committee.

“This committee was tasked with building on what we’ve already done for several years to put Michigan on its current comeback,” Miller said. “It’s not easy to bring several people together with a host of diverse ideas and hammer out a consensus plan, but these guiding principles are the right road map for bringing Michigan into the future. Our constituents want us to work on auto insurance, education and infrastructure because those issues hit closest to home.”

Other House Action Plan Committee members included Reps. Julie Alexander, of Hanover; Sue Allor, of Wolverine; Ryan Berman, of Commerce Township; Ann Bollin, of Brighton; Diana Farrington, of Utica; Beth Griffin, of Mattawan; Matt Hall, of Emmett Township; Roger Hauck, of Union Township; Michele Hoitenga, of Manton; Steve Johnson, of Shelbyville; Beau LaFave, of Iron Mountain; Matt Maddock, of Milford; Daire Rendon, of Lake City and Michael Webber, of Rochester Hills.