GWINN, Mich. (WJMN) – Marquette County’s Sawyer International Airport is getting a new name.

The Marquette County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved a name change to Sawyer International Airport during a meeting earlier this week. The board settled on changing the name to Marquette Sawyer Regional Airport.

The name change comes as part of the airport’s $20 million overhaul. The renaming of the airport is one of many steps in a large-scale upgrade project, which will also include new asphalt for the taxiway, expanding the current terminal, and upgrading security measures at the airport, allowing larger aircraft to use the facility.

Assistant airport manager Megan Murray says that along with a new name, the main terminal will be expanded and upgraded to accommodate more passengers and more flights.

“We’re hoping for more flights to come in the summer seasons definitely come in the more May-June timeframe, we’ll have some additional flights for American and Delta.” said Murray. “We don’t have a set date on those yet that we can share. But definitely in the next few months, you’ll see more flights out of the market. It’s no secret that we will be going through a terminal reconfiguration in the next few years. So funding is still being finalized. So, we don’t have a set date for that. But hopefully in the next three to four years, so at the start of that with a full rebranding process with the new name change, new logo, and color scheme, which will help in that design. So, our goal is to definitely serve more people be able to hold more people have more amenities for our customers and our passengers, as well as a new layout that will flow better.”

Though the re-branding is still in the planning phase, the décor of the airport will soon reflect the region’s natural beauty, while continuing to operate as efficiently as possible. The entire project is estimated to wrap up sometime in 2027.