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SCHOOLCRAFT, MACKINAC COUNTIES — There are two sights to see in the eastern U.P. that you don’t have to wander far off the beaten path to get to.

They’re both close to one of Upper Michigan’s major highways. 

Lime kilns are all that’s left of the White Marble Lime Company. They’re near Gardapee Road which is east of Manistique.

The kilns burned a mineral called dolomite to produce quicklime.

Alan Barr with the Schoolcraft County Economic Development Corporation says, “You could’ve made mortar for windows and building with it.”

Quicklime was also used to make paper and for agriculture.

Barr says, “One of my great grandfathers was actually the barn boss for the company. So, he would’ve been responsible for the animals and the care of the barn.”

The kilns were built in the late 1800’s and used for several years after. It was one of the first industries in the area.

Barr says, “It is kind of a neat place to go and to be able to look at and understand what they did there and how valuable that would’ve been to the community at one point in time.”

If you go east on US-2 there’s a roadside park just a few miles east of Naubinway.

It’s where you’ll be able to find another one of Michigan’s historic marker sites.

The reason this place is notable is because about a mile west is the northernmost part of Lake Michigan.

Tomorrow night on Local 3 News at 6 and 11 we’ll have the stories behind two points of interest in the Iron Mountain area.