UPPER PENINUSLA, Mich. (WJMN) – Following a rumored TikTok challenge that could be harmful to students attending school on Friday, December 17. It’s vague on what exactly the challenge includes, but schools across the nation and right here in the U.P. are issuing statements to their school communities. Some districts are reporting that the challenge could include bringing weapons to school.

As a safety precaution, Stephenson Area Public Schools, North Central Area Schools, Sault Ste. Marie Area Schools, Gladstone Area Schools, Escanaba Public Schools, Rapid River Public Schools, Hannahville Indian Community School, Bark River-Harris Schools, Carney-Nadeau Public Schools and Mid Peninsula Public Schools have canceled classes on December 17.

Watersmeet Township Schools will be going virtual on Friday instead of having in-person classes. Many of the schools are saying that they understand if the families do not feel comfortable with having their children attend school that day.

The schools that will still be open on Friday are saying that they want the students and their families to know that they are aware of this trend and are working with their local law enforcement.

Below are statements from schools around the Upper Peninsula. As schools issue updates, Local 3 News will provide those details in this web story.

Notice from Menominee Area Public Schools for December 17.

Iron Mountain Public Schools statement about school on December 17.